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Tribeca Hacks <Story Matter>

Tribeca Hacks <StoryMatter> will take place at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland from March 15--19, 2014. Cin├ęGlobe, the International Film Festival at CERN, and the Tribeca Film Institute will unite a scientist and filmmakers to create unique storytelling pieces.  The Hacakthon is open to all by application, and we are particularly looking for those who are passionately interested in science, want to develop new ways of telling stories about science, and are interested in integrating science into innovative narrative structures.  The successful applicants will be invited to CERN to participate in the Hackathon just before the Cin├ęGlobe festival.  Although no travel is provided, all participants will receive full room and board for the duration of the event as part of the program.


Centering around scientist and storyteller, and their dual ability to approach the human experience through different methodologies, each of the five teams will be given additional story support to build out their projects. Outcomes are not restricted to traditional film based works and teams are encouraged to broaden the communication format.


Tribeca Hacks <StoryMatter> (March 15--19, 2014)

  • 1/15: Application Opens
  • 2/17: Application Closes
  • 2/20 Participants Informed


Storytellers interested in science across all disciplines--journalism, film, photography, gaming, etc.-- as well as designers, creative technologists and scientists are encouraged to apply.   Since each Hackathon we do is different we ask that you read each Hackathon description carefully to ensure you are applying to the events that best suit your needs and interests.

Scientists and Storytellers will first be introduced to each other three weeks prior to the event to brainstorm the general concept and theme for the group project. The remainder of the group will be introduced two weeks prior to the event to further mold the potential collaborative story-based work.  All work will begin during the Hackathon, we ask that participants use this prep period solely for the basis of brainstorming and to discuss and prepare necessary project materials (video, photo, audio) on their personal computers and hard-drives.

Please look at our TOOLBOX for more Hackathon preparatory information.

The hackathon is free to attend and accommodation, meals, working space and basic hackathon materials (pens, paper, electric cords, etc.) will be provided to participants. Travel will be provided for a select few, based on distance from Switzerland.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please refer to our FAQ.

If you encounter any technical problems, please contact us (

Please note that you will be unable to save your application and that your application will be completed once you receive a confirmation email and send a profile picture to

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