2013 TFI Interactive: Glue It. Code It. Tweak It. Play It.

Maker culture is more than knowing how to code, it is about a state of mind—if you can think it you can probably make it. The theory isn't that far removed from that moment where you get the idea for a film, the only difference is the next step. This panel explores rapid prototyping and getting your hands dirty to get something made and into the hands of your audience as quickly as possible.

Panelists: Reshma Saujani (Girls Who Code), Sonali Sridhar (Hacker School), Amit Pitaru (Kitchen Table Coders), Adnaan Wasey (P.O.V.).

Moderator: Julia Kaganskiy (freelance curator and editor)

TFI Interactive is the all-day event our Digital Initiatives department headed with leadership support from the Ford Foundation during the Tribeca Film Festival that's dedicated to inspire content creators.

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