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Our Tribeca Hacks series continues in Paris June 16-18, and you can be a part of it.

Register here to be part of seven multidisciplinary teams that will build a new media project from a given topic. This hack (which we are doing in partnership with Storycode Paris and Cross Video Days; and the support of NUMA and the cultural services of the French Embassy in the US) will focus on the creative process around new media storytelling, how to get from a one-line idea to a basic prototype and an efficient pitch. Each team will be assigned to a professional mentor and have access to masterclasses, which will facilitate the creative process and create a space for regular feedback. Projects will be judged by a prestigious jury, with the criteria focusing on each team’s storytelling approach, innovation and execution during the closing night of Tribeca Hacks <Paris>. The top three projects being presented during the Cross Video Days Festival, June 19-20.

Space is very limited so register now. (NOTE: English translation at bottom of page).

Please note that we don't cover accommodations or transportation, however food will be provided.

Learn more about Tribeca Hacks <Paris>.