The Battered Bastards of Baseball

TFI Documentary Fund 2013

(2013, TFI/ESPN Prize)

When Hollywood veteran Bing Russell creates the most popular minor league baseball team of the decade, it revolutionizes the possibilities for independent sport in America.

Chapman WayChapman Way

Chapman Way is a musician/filmmaker from Los Angeles with experience as a director, cinematographer, editor and composer. He is currently finishing both his sophomore album and feature-length... more»

Maclain WayMaclain Way

Maclain Way is research assistant at UCLA, where he recently graduated magna cum with a degree in History. His experience in academia, has led him to pursue the intersection of history and documentary... more»

Juliana LembiJuliana Lembi

Juliana Lembi is a Producer from Belo Horizonte, Brazil with a background in consulting and International Relations. She received a dual certificate in Producing & Cinematography studies from UCLA... more»

“In an era when professional sports teams were virtually indistinguishable from each other, the Portland Mavericks represented a better time in sports, when independent teams belonged to and inspired the communities they played for.”

Genre: Documentary