About Tribeca Teaches®

Tribeca Teaches® gave a voice to children that normally have trouble finding their voices – it gave them an opportunity to be a part of something and participate in something they could be proud of.” Jackie King, Principal, Bronx Prep

Over the course of the academic calendar year Tribeca Teaches® offers dynamic opportunities for students and teachers to explore filmmaking through sophisticated theory and practice. Within classrooms teachers are paired with teaching artists to collectively design and implement filmmaking curricula, enhancing student’s academic enrichment in alignment with the common core standards. After-school settings provide students with an immersive opportunity, learning the media-making skills to write and produce their own stories. Students gain access to production and post-production technology that helps them explore critical connections between personal experiences, school curricula, and the communities in which they live.

Alumni Testimonials

“It’s a lot of work to take your idea and then put it out there.  It was exciting, scary, and fun all at the same time to see our movie up on the big screen!“ Alondra Castillo

“I couldn’t believe how amazing it was to go around asking questions that we thought up. The people we interviewed took us so seriously!”  Janelle Maxwell

“I really loved being a part of Tribeca Teaches®. This was the chance of lifetime!” Chanice Penny

Tribeca Teaches Screening 2013 from Tribeca Film Institute on Vimeo.



Schools That Participate In Tribeca Teaches (via Google Maps):


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View Tribeca Teaches 2012-2013 in a larger map


Schools Participating in Tribeca Teaches 2012-2013:  

Elementary School:

The Neighborhood School

Middle Schools:

CAMBA Beacon 269
CAMBA PS 25/MS 534
Children’s Aid Society: Mirabal Sisters Campus

Children’s Aid Society: Salome-Urena Campus
Children’s Aid Society: PS 50
Children’s Aid Society: Goodhue Center
Children’s Aid Society: Fannie Lou Hamer
Children’s Aid Society: East Harlem Center

Lenox Middle School, in partnership with Southern California Crossroads
The Young Women’s Leadership School, Bronx

High Schools:

East River Academy at Rikers Island

Frank Sinatra High School High School of Art and Design

High School Dual Language and Asian Studies

Harlem Renaissance High School
Lynwood High School & St. Francis Hospital, in partnership with Southern California

Manhattan Academy for Arts and Languages

TYWLS East Harlem

TYWLS Queens, in partnership with The Community Word Project

Young Adult: 

Ali Forney Center